Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
A Mission Outreach of the UOC-USA (Ecumenical Patriarchate)
280 N Haywood St Suite A Waynesville, NC 28786
The Holy Resurrection Icon

The Resurrection by Trixanna
The Resurrection by Trixanna
The Resurrection by Trixanna
The Resurrection Icon

The Resurrection Icon, known also as Christ’s Descent into Hades or Anastasis, is the symbol of Pascha. Our copy of this icon, lovingly written for us by Trixanna Pennerdepicts Christ backed by a mandorla, standing victorious over the broken gates of hades and grasping the hands of both Adam and Eve as he pulls them from their tombs. He is witnessed by David and Solomon at his right and Moses and John the Baptizer at his left. In the abyss below his feet are seen the keys and shackles used to bind humanity.

Pascha in 2024 will be celebrated on May 5. We welcome you to view our church schedule and plan to join us in proclaiming that Christ is risen!


About us

We live to worship God and serve His children
The Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church is a canonical Orthodox Church under the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-USA (Ecumenical Patriarchate) that meets in Waynesville, NC, and ministers to the western NC counties. Established as a mission in 2019 in order to make Orthodoxy accessible to the far reaches of Western North Carolina, the mission began as a gathering of Orthodox Christians and inquirers in the living room of a two-bedroom home before renting an office building in Forga Plaza and then expanding into a storefront in downtown Waynesville. While the mission relied on visiting priests Father Anthony of Georgia and Father Robert of West Virginia for its first four years, it welcomed its first full-time priest, Father John, on April 20, 2024. Our goal as we look for our permanent home is to continuously allow Christ to work through us as he builds his Church: a haven of peace in a tortured world. 
Contact us if you would like to learn more about us; better yet, join us in worship and in service to the Waynesville community.  We are mission-focused and Christ-centered, with a firm commitment to live and share the Gospel (i.e. the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ).  All of our services are conducted in English using primarily Kyivan melodies, sung piously, harmoniously, and completely to the glory of God.  Our preaching is liturgical, intentionally incarnating the love of God in the midst of His people.  Our fellowship is open to all, meeting, supporting, and encouraging people where they are.  Join us as we deepen the love of God and neighbor in our hearts and in our community!